In addition to its regular use by local clubs and for meetings, The Three Villages Hall provides a perfect venue for a wide range of events. It's combination of space, flexibility, brilliant acoustics, catering and IT facilities, and amazing location make it a perfect place for concerts, parties, plays, ceilidhs, meetings, and more!

It's hosted roof-raising concerts from bands such as Skerryvore, to more intimate folk concerts from Blackheart and the Collins Duo, to the spectacularly enjoyable Budapest Cafe Orchestra. The fact that the bands keep coming back for more attests to the Hall's amazing location and facilities.

Mull Theatre, one of the country's most successful theatre companies, has put on several productions here, from the light-hearted 'Scotaland' to the thought-provoking 'My Name is Rachel Corrie'.

The spectacular main hall is the perfect venue for ceilidhs and parties.

The excellent IT facilities make both the main hall and the smaller meeting rooms perfect places for meetings, conferences and workshops.

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