The Team

The Three Villages Community Hall and the Pit Stop Diner and Cafe are community facilities developed and provided by the Arrochar and Tarbet Community Development Trust.

The Hall is managed by the Hall Management Group, which reports to the main Trust.

The team meets at least once a month and you can read the minutes of previous meetings here.

The members of the Hall Management Group are:


Retta Deerin


Gill Dunbar


Barry Dickson

Committee Member

Jimmy Kelly

 Hall Fabric

Mary Haggarty

Community Council Representative, Users

Sue Henderson Catering

Stephen Mackenzie

Hall Administator, Minutes Sec

Ronnie MacDonald

Committee Member


The aims and objectives of the Hall Management Group are:

To provide a focus for the community:

  1. Support and develop use of the Hall by the community
  2. Respond to local needs and support local initiatives
  3. Involve the community in decision making regarding the Hall where possible and appropriate
  4. Involve the community in the running of the Hall where possible and appropriate
  5. Make the Hall accessible to all

To ensure the material sustainability of the Hall:

  1. Provide a clean, safe community hall
  2. Ensure adequate staffing of the Hall, as required
  3. Ensure efficient use of the building
  4. Ensure security of the building
  5. Ensure that the Hall conforms to statutory regulations, including Fire, and Health and Safety regulations possible
  6. Ensure that appropriate insurance policies are in place

To ensure the financial sustainability of the Hall:

  1. Maintain a prudent financial policy with the aim of being self-financing
  2. Promote and encourage use of the Hall by groups and organisations from outwith the immediate area to supplement income


  1. Provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere
  2. To treat people as individuals
  3. Respect the needs, wishes and interests of Hall users and prospective users
  4. Operate in a transparent manner

To contact the Management Group, please click here.


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