Hydro Scheme

Arrochar and Tarbet Community Development Trust are delighted to announce that after a few ups and downs, and as a result of a lot of hard work on the part of Trust Directors, the community hydro scheme is now progressing!

The hydro scheme is a joint venture between Arrochar and Tarbet and Luss and Arden Community Development Trusts. The 123kW hydro plant will be located above Arrochar and will be a 'run of river' scheme, with the electricity generated being sold to the National Grid, with the generated income to be used for community benefit projects. 

Arrochar Community Hydro Society is now offering the opportunity to purchase shares in the scheme, with the local communities having first option, before the offer is made available to renewable energy supported nationwide.

hydro scheme (3)hydro scheme diagramhydro scheme diagram (2)